Every parent wants to spend additional quality time with their kids; All Sports Mentoring helps you do that.  But above all, All Sports Mentoring will give a busy parent a little time for themselves.  "We turn time spent into spare time".  With an introduction to a series of proven principles that will help them obtain a greater self knowledge.

The first step to matching or improving your athlete’s motivation is to know what gets your athlete motivated. You also need to understand what causes your athlete to lose motivation and want to quit. Kids that are motivated like to practice and compete, they like to work on their weaknesses in order to improve; they get excited about competition. They want to win they hate to lose.  They have high expectations for their performance.  They are dedicated to their sport. They go after their goals with intensity.  All Sports Mentoring will regulate the development of your child’s interest and balance their sporting career parallel to their educational pursuits. All Sports Mentoring sets goals for athletes that are achievable.​

With All Sports Mentoring your child will have a positive outlook and experience with sports activity. We usher young people to their calling with the participation in our network of many hands making the work go light.  If your child is involved in competitive sports you need ALL Sports Mentoring to get them to the next level.  Training sessions, resources, affiliations, participation in corporate sponsored athletics events and scholarships are just some of the services provided by All Sports Mentoring.  There is a world of difference in parenting a little leaguer and parenting an adolescent athlete.  As your children develop in a sport the stakes are higher, and mom and dad’s time grows even scarcer. Your family circumstance should not limit your child’s participation in sports and All-Sports Mentoring will resolve the issue.

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