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In recent years mentoring has emerged as a positive outlet to At-Risk youth. ALL-Sports Mentoring practices clear and open communication with you and your children to increase awareness of self and of others through proper conduct and sportsmanship.  All Sports Mentoring specializes in developing the highest standards and professionalism in our participants.  We use a strategic template for meeting challenges faced as they arise.  All Sports Mentoring is committed to intellectual honesty by mentoring with the TRUTH as our main tool.  ASM offers traditional mentoring, future building mentors, as well as early juvenile intervention mentoring.

We individually merge your child’s athletic skills and interest into a planned course of action for their continued success in the sport.  This plan embraces a wide range of philosophical ideas, tapping into the wisdom of the great minds of the past. 

Our continued weekly involvement in your child’s athletic activity will cement a bond of TRUST between you and All Sports Mentoring.  Searching through existing avenues for an appropriate mentor for your child’s sporting needs may present a daily challenge; All Sports Mentoring will provide that “specific” mentoring customized to you and your family’s needs.

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Our Mission

All Sport Mentoring is committed to intellectual honesty by mentoring with the TRUTH as our main TOOL
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The Power To Effect Change

Do you often lack time and energy to dedicate to their games and sports activities?  Are you scarce in the hours you can devote to the “extras” of your child’s everyday life? What motivates athletes?
All Sports Mentoring introduces wisdom, knowledge and understanding that helps manifest your child's ability to elevate their thinking. They become more motivated to let go of mental attitudes that is keeping them trapped on lower levels of thought.  This kind of mentoring will give them the intelligence to make the right decisions and the acceptance to bare the inevitable challenges of today.   

All Sports Services:
• Drop Off Service to place of choice from and to sports activity or game
• Ability Analysis & Assessment
• Development Clinics (specific to sport)
• Goal Specific Assessment and Trajectory (future career)
• Athletic Camps Available upon request
• Sound Co-Curriculum Component Scheduling
• Tutoring both traditional and scope of need
• Supporting all league and tournament participation

ASM is changing the landscape for families Mentoring our children at a time when America is facing a looming crisis with DRUGS, PRISON, EDUCATION, and HOMELAND SECURITY. Time spent in the class rooms is simply not enough. The demands of careers from middle and upper -class families aren’t off the hook, either and a over dependence on school put higher-class kids at risk too. We especially fill the gap to lack of parental involvement.